How do you increase productivity and reduce cost?  Offer your employees group training in applications that will increase their efficiency and decrease your training cost by receiving a discounted rate.  Training can be provided for group sizes from 3 – 15 and can be done on site for your convenience.  If you don’t have a space for the training, we can recommend and reserve a site for an additional cost.  We offer standardized or customized curriculums depending on your organization’s needs.  A class is usually 5 to 6 hours depending on class size and skill level.  We provided practice files and manuals with files for the concepts taught.  We can use client files if it is prearranged.  The class may combine 2 or more concepts such as Microsoft Word and Excel and can be taught for Mac, PC, or a combination of both as programs allow.  We can schedule adjacent training days, and Saturday training is also available to fit your organization’s schedule.